The International Recruiting Platform

We’re gathering all the qualified international recruits from college recruiting agencies on one platform. A true game-changer for coaches. Download the Alliance Athletes App for free to find the most suitable international student-athletes to your team.

What is the Alliance Athletes APP?

Seven leading sports recruiting agencies in their respective markets have created a game-changing tool for US college coaches when it comes to recruiting qualified international student-athletes. The members of the International Alliance combined help more than 1,000 international student-athletes to the US college system every academic year.

Get immediate access to all the prospective student-athletes represented by International Alliance members through the Alliance Athletes App and start comparing and recruiting the best fit for your team – all in one platform.

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Why the Alliance Athletes App?

Game changer

The Alliance Athletes App is revolutionizing how international recruitment of student-athletes is done.

Huge Time Saver

This is the “one-stop-shop” to find the ideal international student-athletes for your team. Be proactive in the research, evaluation, and communication with the recruiting agencies to find the perfect fit.


No longer dependent of recruiters getting back to you - view athlete profiles at your convenience, at any time. Take full control of the international recruiting process. 

Quality control

All the prospective student-athletes are customers of International Alliance agencies and are fully qualified and committed to going to the US.


Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. Tell the app what you are looking for or choose from an abundance of filters fitting your needs. Organize and compare your international recruits in your favorite list.


Our platform is offered at no cost to US college coaches.


Which athletes can I recruit?

For now, the Alliance Athletes App contains all the prospective student-athletes from Europe’s leading college sports recruiters:

How to use the Alliance Athletes app?

Download the App for iPhone through the App Store or for Android through the Google Play Store. The App will also soon be available through a web portal and desktop version.

Share your needs with the recruiting agencies, filter your search and browse among hundreds of qualified prospects to find the best fit. You can also easily identify and reach out to the main contact of each prospect to learn more from the agencies and receive their comprehensive guidance and support in the recruiting process.